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Adult Bedwetting Treatment Options Talk to Your Doctor. Nocturnal Enuresis may be the symptom of an underlying condition. If this is the case, successful treatment of the condition can result in achieving nighttime dryness.

recurrent single episode bed wetting accompanied by dreams. By girl200750573 | 179 posts, i had come to understand that my bedwetting was triggered by this urinating dream. so, that's the whole story! adult recurrent single episode bed-wetting accompanied by .

A lot of folks think bed-wetting is something that only happens to kids, but it's a problem that can hit grown-ups, too. You may feel embarrassed to wake up to wet sheets, but it's not your fault Author: Stephanie Watson.

Adult Bedwetting And Dreams. There are several reasons for adult bedwetting. However, if it is a single episode, then it cannot be classified as a chronic problem. It is believed that it is normal for even adults to lose control of their bladder. Bedwetting during sleep is a condition that is medically known as enuresis.