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DS (doll sweet) is a leading provider life sized silicone love / sex doll / mannequin for photographer or pleasure DS dolls are more than adult sex toys - they are works of art. See & Feel Realism transcending fantasy into reality. DS silicone dolls are built with a specially formulated silicon skin which given them a life like texture.

These very realistic sex dolls could even simulate ejaculation! It would not be until the latter part of the century, however until technology and sex dolls combined. Today’s realistic sex dolls are a far cry from the dame de voyage or even the ejaculating dolls of the early part of the 20th Century.

Sex dolls are part of the $15 Billion sex toy industry, which has grown exponentially in both storefront and online outlets.However, there are no clear ways to tell if the sex doll you are considering is a .

Fantasy Sex Dolls. Adventure, risk, daring encounters and mystical places and women. All are associated with the fantasy genre. The rush of the unknown, the undiscovered, the magical, they're key experiences that seem missing from day-to-day encounters.