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Top 20 Best French Immersion Programs Abroad to Learn French Fast (2018) - Français Immersion adult french immersion programs

Top 20 Best French Immersion Programs Winners. CONGRATULATIONS to every French language school that appears in this Top 20 Best French Immersion Programs list! I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your hard work providing top quality French language courses and services at affordable prices.

If you really want to get fluent, at some point you’ll need to learn French immersion-style. I’m talking about complete immersion in the French language. Going 100% en français (100% French) will bring you to new heights not only in your language skills, but also in your confidence tout à fait (certainly)! One of the best ways of taking this step is to take a French immersion course.Author: Melody Tabatabaian.

Lac du Bois. Experience the French language with all of your senses. Hear voices from Toulouse, Québec or the Maghreb, smell la lavande from Grasse or la brioche from our kitchen. Warm up with a chocolat chaud or refresh yourself with grenadine.Feel cloth from Bamako and Alsace and leaf through an old leçon de chose found at abrocante.Play, speak, smile, laugh and dream en français!

You'll learn French faster on a French immersion program than with any other method. Our French immersion programs provide great French instruction, but also lots of practice opportunities to put your new French skills to use while you experience this rich and vibrant culture.