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Are You Buying A Pullet or Hen? What’s The Difference and How to Spot It? Posted by The Happy Chicken Coop on February 1, 2016 Posted In: Managing Your Flock. With spring just around the corner, many new and experienced chicken keepers will be venturing out to purchase new chicks for the first time or add more chicks to their existing flock.

What Is the Age of a Pullet Chicken? By Jodi Thornton-O'Connell | Updated August 11, 2017. Mathisa_s/iStock/Getty Images. Female chickens are known by a variety of names that correspond to their life stages, "pullet" being just one of them. What's in the name is important, as chickens' nutritional needs change at each stage of life.

pul·let (po͝ol′ĭt) n. A young domestic hen, usually one that is less than one year old. [Middle English polet, pulet, partly from Old French polet, young chicken, diminutive of poul, cock, and partly from polette, young hen, diminutive of poule, hen, both ultimately from Latin pullus, young fowl, young animal, chicken; see pau- in Indo-European.

When your pullets have reached 3 pounds, they are ready to produce and it is time to begin light stimulation. A suggested light schedule is 13 hours at 17 weeks, 14 hours at 18 weeks, 15 hours at 19 weeks, and then increasing the light 1/2 hour per day per week.