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Teens that commit adult crimes should go to adult prisons. These teens are out here killing, Robbing, Carjacking, Breaking into people houses. Selling drugs at school. Getting involved with gangs, Rape, Bulling, Fighting, Drive by shootings. Yes put them in an adult prison. Because if they go to a juvenile detention center they will be a bad.

Sep 02, 2019 · That’s too cruel (to send teens to adult prison). It’s taking away their childhood, so they’ll never grow up with no family to guide them except other criminals." —Myro Burgos, 16, Daniel Murphy HS "I think life behind bars is horrible. No, I don’t think a child at 14 should go to prison. I wouldn’t want to go to prison at 14.

Juveniles Tried As Adults: What Happens When Children Go to Prison. The Issues ~ What Happens When Children Go to Prison. it makes sense that young people who go through the adult system are 34 percent more likely than those in the juvenile system to be re-arrested. Not only is this devastating for these young individuals, it also.

Nov 29, 2012 · Soooooo, my first point is- THEY'RE KIDS! Teen years start from age 13, and in my mind that's very young to go live in a place with barbed wire and contaminated food for a year because of peer pressure. I'm not saying that all teens go in prison because of peer pressure, but the majority of them do.