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When Turners is diagnosed later care may be under a gynaecologist, cardiologist or endocrinologist. For many years the health issues that affect older women with Turner's syndrome have been neglected but increasingly there is seen to be a need for a dedicated health strategy for adults with Turner's syndrome.

The Adult Turner Syndrome Center at Cincinnati Children's is a multi-disciplinary clinic for Adults with Turner Syndrome. We offer an integrated approach to treatment and management of Turner Syndrome associated disorders, and provide health surveillance, gynecological exams and referrals for women with Turner Syndrome.

The goal of the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) is to support research initiatives and facilitate education programs that increase professional awareness and enhance medical care of those affected by Turner syndrome. TSF is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Turner syndrome is rare genetic disorder that’s found only in girls. It can cause problems ranging from short height to heart defects. Sometimes, the symptoms are so mild that women don’t get.