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The overall findings suggest that while attitudes and perceptions of sexual harassment are related, they also differ, in that attitudes require value judgments to be made of behavior. This explains the high relationship between attitudes to sexual harassment and attitudes regarding gender role stereotypes.Cited by: 101.

INTRODUCTION. The initiation of sexual intercourse is an important topic in the study and prediction of fertility. In their theoretical analysis of fertility and its determinants, Davis and Blake (1956) argued that socioeconomic and other factors affect fertility only through its proximate determinants, that is, through exposure to sexual intercourse, exposure to conception, given intercourse Cited by: 67.

What are the factors that influence youth sexual behavior? It is affected by various factors your psychological attitude specially your inner thinking about the sex, socio-economic, biological.

to know the factors which cause to affect the consumer‟s attitude and then response. Purpose--This thesis is to analyze the procedures of affecting consumers‟ attitudes towards the brochures and website by visual perception, learning and group influence. Theory--Attitude, visual perception, classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning.