Hodgkin lymphoma survivors at increased risk for breast cancer - hodgkins disease survivors with breast cancer


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Hi..yes most definitely we are at higher risk not only for breast cancer but also thyroid cancer. I had Hodgkins 2B 23 years ago and had mantle radiation and ABVD chemo, and have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because I can't have any more radiation I need to have a double mastectomy in the next couple weeks.

But some cancer survivors might develop another type of cancer later (usually more than 10 years after treatment). This is called a second cancer. People who have had Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) can get any type of second cancer, but research has found they have an increased risk of certain cancers.Last Revised: May 1, 2018.

Was diagnosed in 87 stage II, 44 upper radiation treatments, 44 lower. 25 years later diagnosed with breast cancer, they feel it was caused by the radiation. I had a double mascectomy, no radiation or chemo. Now I am told I have coronary disease and vascular disease probably due to the radiation.

Jan 24, 2018 · Risk for ER-negative breast cancer appeared higher among survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma compared with the general population, according to a research letter published in JAMA Oncology. Patients who.