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B-Bender EXTREME! Steel Guitar Style Licks, Freaky Tricks, Fancy Techniques You MUST Know On Your B-Bender! Here's a 1-HOUR Video Session With Doug Seven -Full of Insiders-Secret Hot Techniques and Licks You HAVE To Know on Your B-Bender. Comes With a Fully Tabbed "Licks/Tricks Only" Section Extra Video.

It helps to have a guitar strap with good friction. We recommend a nice wide suede guitar strap because it stays put and doesn't slide off your shoulder when you play StringBender licks. Tip #3 Use StringBender licks with moderation. Signs You're Playing TOO MANY Bender Licks; .

Hi there. Welcome back to The Next Bend, the Guitar World column dedicated to B-bending guitarists, guitars, gear, news, licks, songs and more.. For the uninitiated, a B-bender is a contraption (the perfect word for it) that lives in- or outside your guitar and allows you to pull—usually with some sort of arm, palm, shoulder or hip movement—your guitar's B string up a perfect whole step.Author: Damian Fanelli.

If you think B-Bender licks on an electric guitar are amazing consider what becomes musically possible with an Acoustic StringBender. Imagine having 'Sneeky' Pete or Buddy Emmons inside your acoustic guitar playing split pedal licks or wobble bar licks. The bending string becomes another voice defining the melody inside the rhythm.