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The SINGLE-most-important thing you need to do to your man.; How to make him cum harder than any other girl. Why a build up is crucial to him cumming hard and having a super-satisfying orgasm. Learning how to make a guy cum is actually really easy.

Give him the hardest orgasm of his life by taking charge of the bedroom and milking him dry with this guide on how to make him cum harder. If guys were honest about sex, nothing makes them happier than a girl who knows how to make him cum harder like it’s nobody’s business.

May 13, 2019 · “A refractory period is the time after a man ejaculates when he is no longer able to have an erection,” Emily Morse, This can make it difficult to maintain erections.

If you want to make him cum harder than he ever has before, then stop touching him when it looks like he’s about to finish. Give him a few seconds to cool down and then go back to doing what you were doing. It’s delayed gratification at its finest. 21.