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Sep 16, 2019 · What can cause an interracial marriage to fall apart is the inability of a couple to handle their differences and a failure to talk about stress and prejudice created by others. If you find that some counseling with a third party would help you iron some of these concerns out, by all means, seek out a licensed couples counselor. It may even be.

Interracial marriage is defined as a matrimonial union between members of two different races. It can be seen as a form of miscegenation (i.e., mixing of different races) or exogamy (i.e., a union outside of one’s social group), depending on whether race or culture is applied to the definition.

Interracial relationships are much more common today. However, they can still bring unique challenges. Along with being aware of these four areas but also having sensitive and open communication, an interracial marriage can overcome the additional challenges.

The latest U.S. Census results are in: Interracial couples are making a significant contribution to the diversity of our society. Among opposite-sex married couples, one in 10 (5.4 million couples.