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Masturbation is a complicated issue that doesn't lend to a clear black and white answer. I want to be realistic about the struggle without giving freedom that God perhaps hasn't given. Let's start with the basics. At a purely biological level, masturbation isn't that much different than other things we do with our bodies—like picking our noses.Author: Dr. Juli Slattery.

More commonly, Christians believe that “pleasuring oneself” through masturbation is about self-gratification and not about pleasing God. Most believers see their faith as having a God-focus, and that every act should be a way to glorify God. Thus, if masturbation is not helping to develop a relationship with God, it is a sin.

Is masturbation an acceptable component to healthy sexuality for Christians? Below are responses from Abigail Rine, Anna Broadway, Richard Beck, Dianna Anderson, Matthew Lee Anderson, Jenell Williams Paris, and Tara Owens. I hope you learn as much from them as I did! Abigail RineAuthor: Rachel Held Evans.

The goal of the Christian life is to be pure in thought and deed. I believe that the issue of masturbation comes down to this. Therefore, I believe that though masturbation under certain circumstances may not be sinful, the desire to be sexually pure and holy should move the Christian to avoid it.