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I've never seen anyone going nude, neither have I heard of an area where that is tolerated. All the beaches are public in CanCun, but when I used the phrase "public access" I meant those beach areas close to public parking that are used by the locals, especially on Sunday afternoon. Once you are on the beach you can walk up and down it to your.

There are some nude and clothing-optional resorts or, if you prefer, you can find remote and secluded spots where you can sunbathe and swim in the nude with nobody the wiser. Topless sunbathing along the beaches of the Riviera Maya is not uncommon and there are a few resorts where topless sunbathing is openly accepted.

At some beaches the sand is so fine that it clings to you, and all your stuff, like powder. Nudity Many people want to know if there are nude or topless beaches in Cancun. Perhaps the city’s sexy reputation is a little misleading in this regard. There are no nude beaches in Cancun although there are several clothing optional resorts in the area.

Nude beaches in Cancun. There are no nude beaches in Cancun, nor in Playa del Carmen As far as I know there´s no beach anywhere on the Yucatan peninsula that's officially declared a nudist beach. Because all beaches are public and federal property according .