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Spell penetration reduces the target's resistance to your spells; it is a different mechanic from spell hit rating. Spell penetration only works against targets with resistances, and will not reduce resistances below zero. Due to it's implementation, it is primarily a PvP-oriented stat.

30 rows · Spell penetration gems Bonuses for spell penetration can be found on blue, green, and .

Dec 16, 2010 · At level 85 you will want to aim for 461 spell penetration rating*, and as much haste and resil as you can possibly get. *1 point of spell pen negates 1 point of resistance. At 80 you want 130+spell pen to get past spells like resistance aura.

Spell Penetration – Reduces targets resistances to your spell attacks. Mana Per 5 Seconds – Determines how much Mana you will regenerate every 5 Seconds. Defensive Stats.