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Nov 07, 2017 · Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Benchtop Powered Cable Stripper Tool 0.12-1" for Scrap Copper Recycling - - Amazon.com4.2/5(38).

Dec 25, 2016 · Steel Dragon Tools WRA15 Benchtop Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Depending on scrap metal prices & the size of the wire, this machine could pay for itself in a matter of hours. Features: Bench top automatic driven wire stripper. Strips an estimated 450 inches of wire per minute when connected to a drill.4.3/5(105).

The Mechtrix MX-8550 Heavy Duty Bench Stripper is a pneumatic-mechanical wire stripping machine designed to strip a wide range of both round and flat wires. The unique feature of the MX-8550 is that it is “gripperless” so that the insulation on large cables or wires is not damaged or during the stripping process due to the force required to hold onto the cable.

A low cost alternative to the CWS-2, the Copper Wire Stripper Jr. is the money making tool that you need in your shop. Driven by a standard power drill, you'll get .