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If your male chinchilla is experiencing difficulty mating, it may be on account of hair rings. Hair rings are a condition that develops in male chinchillas following sexual intercourse in which a ring of hair may surround the penis within the foreskin and cause serious complications, including inability to .

A hair ring is formed when loose fur gets trapped in the sheath of a male chinchilla's penis. As the penis retracts, it rolls the loose fur up inside. Just as knots form in hair, a knot can form in the sheath of the penis. Hair rings should be routinely checked for in order to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Aug 31, 2017 · A hair ring is when hair forms a ring around the penis. This condition can lead to problems, which is why the ring must be removed. Certain symptoms will let you know you need to check your chinchilla for a hair ring; the process involves holding the chinchilla and extending the penis 67%(6).

A hair ring is caused by loose fur becoming trapped in the sheath, or foreskin, of a chinchilla’s penis as it retracts. Hair rings may develop on any male chinchilla, though breeding and dominance mounting may increase the risk of a hair ring forming.