The Original Collection 1977-1985 by Kenner Vintage Star Wars Photo Archive - 12 vintage star wars weapons identification


I.D. Star Wars Action Figures 12 vintage star wars weapons identification

The vintage Star Wars collecting community is seeing a new wave of near-perfect reproductions coming to the market place: the recent floating Princess Leia blasters, the Imperial and Jawa blasters, and currently the Luke yellow, green and blue non-telescoping .

Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Weapons and Accessories Identification Guide D o c u m e n t i n g R e p r od u c t i o n a n d O r i g i n a l V i n t ag e S t a r W ar s W e ap o n s & A c c e s s o r .

Includes product reviews and descriptions, as well as detailed photo galleries of Star Wars related products from vintage to modern. The team works tirelessly to cover every aspect of Star Wars collecting in an effort to leave no fan behind.

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