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james motorcycle L25 commodore 250 1957 I have a james motorcycle with orginal instruction book and documents. It has two engines one is a 200cc the other a 250cc. if anyone is intrested in this bike for parts or restoration please get in contact. cambridgeshire.

james had entered motorcycle production during 1902 using fn engines, however they quickly progressed to lightweight two strokes of their own design and by the 1920's were producing machines with side and overhead valve singles and vee twins of their own manufacture in various capacities.

Images of classic bikes and vintage motorcycles. Great photos and loads of classic bike information for all enthusiasts. Welcome, 1932 James Model D1. 1922 James Model 8A. 1952 James J9 Commando. 1929 James. James 98cc. 1943 James M.L. Classic Motorcycle Videos.

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