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So a friend has come to me with a problem. They have a dead USB thumb drive which no longer responds when plugged into a machine. I've tried it in a Mac and it doesn't even respond, at least on a Windows XP machine it sees that it is there but can't show it in explorer, just that whatever is plugged in has malfunctioned.

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I have a Crucial 32 Folding flash drive. Worked fine on Tuesday night, plugged it in on Wednesday morning and Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Problem is, it contains ALL my files (of course) which I need (of course). Is there a way to fix it myself (I have a "little bit" of electronics skills), - USB Flash Drive.

How to Recover Data from a Dead USB drive or USB stick? by Justin Kenny, 2015-09-03. What is 'a Dead USB Drive'? What is the meaning of 'a Dead USB Drive'? A dead USB drive is a USB storage device that can't be detected or recognized by your computer. You can't find the device even though you have inserted the USB drive into your computer port.